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Embracing Each Other

Inspired by the following poetic verse (author unknown): “We are all like angels with only one wing, and the only way we can fly is by embracing each other.”

size: 6 l x 12 w x 18.5 h

This engaging sculpture is a perfect epitome of the verse that inspired Delesprie. Caught in-flight, the loving couple depict a connectedness that goes beyond the corporal. The male has his face turned in the direction of their journey. His attitude and stance reflect understanding that he was created with strength to protect the weak, which he demonstrates by a protective arm encircling the waist of his beloved. She, with arms clasped over her heart, nestles her head against her mate secure in his loving embrace, yet respectful of the differences between them.

However, this is not a work that conveys a message of superior dominance and/or meek submission. As in any intimate relationship, it takes two joining together with one mind and purpose. Each brings unique qualities the other desperately needs. Delesprie explores that theme by sculpting each partner’s wing proportionate to his or her physical and spiritual dimensions. The male’s is larger and more visibly detailed, but he would remain unable to fly were it not for the wing of the female, even one more delicate in appearance and strength. Though her assistance is required to ensure forward movement, her wing gently caresses the leg of her companion in silent expression of her God-given command to respect and nurture her mate.

“Embracing Each Other” is mounted on a granite base and includes a plaque, cast with the referenced poem. –By Allison Garner

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