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Clients & Collectors

Bronze sculptor Delesprie’s classical art training has put her in the unique company of past historic Bronze Masters with her talent, hard work and dedication. Her portraiture and figurative bronze statues are “painstakingly realistic,” magnificently combining strength with beauty and vision with history. Delesprie’s classical art is dynamic, explosive, and self-sufficient.

Her bronze sculpture subject matter varies from religious works to whimsy, Native American subjects to children, and animals to romantic figures. However, no matter what the theme, art collectors, museums, libraries, cities, corporations, private collectors, and bronze sculpture enthusiasts prize her work.

Watch the bronze sculpting process video. Click here to visit the Videos page.

Watch the bronze sculpting process Video on the Video page and to read about the Bronze Sculpting Process.

The photo at the top of the page left shows Delesprie working on the majestic clay sculpture commissioned by the City of Los Angeles and Caruso Affiliated Holdings for the “City of Angels.


Client List

A partial list of people who collect and display De L’Esprie bronze statues include celebrities, politicians and corporations.

  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Boeing Corporation – Aeronautical
  • Burt Reynolds – Actor, Art Collector
  • City of Los Angeles,
  • Crystal Cathedral, Orange, CA
  • Dick Van Dyke – Actor, Philanthropist, Charitable Donor to the Midnight Mission
  • Gene Autry Museum
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue
  • President Ronald Reagan Library
  • Prince Abdul Aziz Al Ibrahim
  • Ray Crok (McDonald’s)
  • Sylvester Stallone – Actor, Artist, avid art collector
  • The Carnegie Melon Foundation
  • Walt Disney – Edison Stadium
  • Al Annexstad, Chairman and CEO of Federated Insurance
  • Alex and Phyllis Madonna, The Madonna Inn, Entrepreneurs, Hotelier
  • Ambassador Glen Holden
  • Ambassador Robert D. Nesen, U.S Ambassador to Australia under President Reagan
  • Arcadia, CA, Art in Public Program
  • Bayer Properties, Pharmaceuticals
  • Bijan Sassounian, Developer, Entrepreneur
  • Bill and Lois Morrow, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur, Golf Course owner and friends
  • Boeckmann Family, Owner of Galpin Ford
  • Boise Idaho, Art in Public Program
  • Bud Adams, Owner of Houston Oilers
  • Burbank, CA, Arts in Public Places
  • Calabasas CA, Arts in Public Program
  • Charles Probst, Philanthropist
  • Charlton Heston, Actor
  • Covina, CA, Arts in Public Places Program
  • Culver City, CA, Arts in Public Places
  • Dick and Kari Clark, Dick Clark Productions, Actor
  • Doctor Robert Schuller, Evangelist and Philanthropist
  • Donald M. Pruner & Family, Pruner Health Services, Philanthropists
  • Ed and Lynn Hogan, Entrepreneur, Land Developer, Aviator, Travel Magnate
  • Eisenhower Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA
  • Eric Le Marque, Olympic athlete and speaker
  • Finis Conner, Entrepreneur, Seagate Technologies, Forbes 400
  • Fred Couples, Professional Golfer
  • Fred Segal, Clothing Designer, Founder and Owner of Fred Segal
  • Gary Worth, Owner of St-Ives products and Cosmetics
  • Gene Autry Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Art in Public Program
  • Gene Mako, Olympic Tennis Player – Art Collector
  • George Steinbrenner, Actor, Artist, Art Collector
  • Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, Actor, Art Collector
  • H. Ross Perot, Presidential Candidate, Forbes 400, CEO of Perot Systems
  • Hawkins­Smith, Boise, ID, Developers
  • Irvine, CA, Arts in Public Program
  • Irwin and Betty Helford, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
  • Jack Palance, Actor, Artist
  • Jackie Autry, Owner of the Angels, Founder of the Gene Autry Museum, Griffith Park, CA, Philanthropist
  • Jacqueline Mars, Mars Inc, Forbs 400
  • Janss Corporation, Land Developers
  • Jean Chrétien, Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Jean Hahn­Hardy, Founder of Carl’s Jr.
  • Jimmy Stewart, Actor
  • Joe Weider, Health and Fitness Magnate
  • Kaudisch Library, Ohio
  • Ken Hendricks, Building Supply, Investor, Forbes 400
  • Ken Hendricks, Investor, Forbes 400
  • Laguna Beach, CA, Art in Public Program
  • Leonard Firestone, Entrepreneur, Firestone Rubber Company
  • Lindsey Williams, International Corporate Business Man
  • Long Beach, CA, Art in Public Program
  • Loni Anderson, Actor
  • Marshall Cheshrown, Entrepreneur
  • Michael Wayne, Producer, Entrepreneur
  • Newport Beach, CA, Art in Public Places
  • Nikki Sixx – musician (Motley Crue), songwriter, author
  • Orange County Fire Authority, Irvine CA ­ Art in Public Program
  • Phoenix, AZ, Art in Public Places Program
  • Phyllis and Dennis Harkavy, Lawyer, C.P.A and Mom and Dad
  • President Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA
  • Prince Abdul Aziz Al Ibrahim, Forbes 200 Wealthiest man in the world
  • R.D. Hubbard, CEO Hollywood Park, Collector
  • Robert Wagner, Actor
  • Seward Prosser Mellon, Mellon Bank, Forbes 400
  • Sid and Jenny Craig, Entrepreneurs, Jenny Craig diet
  • Tempe, AZ, Arts in Public Places
  • The Chrystal Cathedral, Orange CA
  • The late Gene Autry, Iconic Actor, Angels Baseball & Radio Stations Owner, Music Performer
  • The late Joan Kroc, Former Owner of San Diego Padres, Philanthropist, Forbes 400
  • The Late John Wayne Family, Actor, American Icon
  • The late Leonard Firestone, Firestone Rubber Company
  • The late Robert Pond, Palm Springs, Philanthropist, collector
  • Thousand Oaks, CA, Art in Public Programs
  • Tony & Mary Tesoro, Philanthropists, Past President of Jones and Associates
  • Tucson, AZ, Arts in Public Places
  • Vons/Pavilions Headquarters, Grocery Chain
  • West Covina, CA, Art in Public places
  • Westlake Village, CA, Art in Public Program
  • Woodland Hills, CA, Arts in Public Program

Delesprie’s bronze sculptures have been featured in:

  • Architectural Digest
  • Art Business News
  • Elegant Living Magazine
  • House Beautiful
  • L.A. Times Daily News
  • Lively And Fine Arts
  • SouthWest Art
  • Valley Magazine
  • Westlake Magazine

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